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December 27, 2009

Hello Readers!

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We are two sisters, K and M, living in two different cities with two different lifestyles. This blog is to share our adventures in New York and Boston. K is single and just starting off in New York City. She works in fashion and loves to cook healthy and inexpensive food on a budget. Her hobbies include cooking, baking, working out, shopping, and partying with her friends in the coolest city in the world. M is married and works in finance in Boston. She loves to experiment with new dishes and focuses on recipes that are easy to prepare after a long day of work. M’s hobbies include cooking, reading, eating out, traveling, skiing, crafting, and letterpress.

We started this blog to share our cooking, baking, crafting,  and other life adventures.   Growing up in a creative home, we feel like sometimes our over-the-top inner Martha comes out and we would like to share it.   Over the past few years we have each wanted to start a blog on our own, but we each thought it would be too daunting a task to take on by oneself.  This blog is not only for the two of us to share our recipes and adventures between each other, but to share them with our family, friends, and co-workers who are always asking us for the  latest recipes and project ideas. We hope you enjoy!

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