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January 5, 2010

Boston Organics

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A service that I really enjoy in Boston is a organic produce delivery service called Boston Organics.  I had taken a break from this service for the past few months as I had been busy with the holidays and had not had time to cook too much.  I got my first delivery of the new year today.  I received the $29 half fruit and half vegetable box, as well as  a number of add-on products.  I have always wanted to participate in a CSA, but it’s very difficult to get to the pick-up locations after working all day and not having a car readily available.  I also would have trouble making the same vegetable night after night when a certain item is at the peak of its season.  With Boston Organics, you get a variety of produce and you are able to select a “no” list of items you do not wish to receive (sorry rutabaga and  chard…I’m just not quite there yet).

Today’s delivery was a good one:

-Leafy greens
-Green Peppers

I also added some add-on items to stock up on:

-Whole-wheat pancake mix
Equal Exchange coffee beans, green tea, and hot cocoa
Taza chocolate discs
-Local honey
-Organic peanut butter

If you live in the Boston area and are interested in organic food, I would highly recommend this service.  I have had the service for about a year and a half and have really found it to be beneficial.  I occasionally have to throw out some food that I don’t get a chance to use (which I feel bad about), but I am usually able to use all the items I receive.  It also is a huge help in lightening my load of items I need to drag home from the grocery store this week, especially when I do my shopping without a car.


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