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December 31, 2009

K’s 2010 Goals

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Well unlike M’s goals,  not all my goals for 2010 are fun,  but that is my problem most of the time… I have too much fun!  My goals are all broken down with steps and tips I need to take in order to fufill the goal.    Hope my goals help you to create your own.

New Year Resolutions

1.)    Make more  healthy homemade lunches and dinners

  • Eat less processed and high sodium foods
  • Plan out menus before going to grocery store
  • Use all my new cookbooks I got for Christmas
  • Create my own recipes

2.)    Get more fit and be healthier.

  • Write down everything
  • Go to the gym 4-5 times a week (atleast 30 minutes of aerobic)
  • Start running    
  • Go to classes at my gym

3.)    Save more money        

  • Spending less money on alcohol and eating out
  • Try to get fixed expences like gym, cable, rent cheaper
  • Spend less on grocery
  • Buy less clothes, make-up, and accessories. 

4.)    Read more books

  • Frequent the Library
  • Find series that I like

5.)    Join an outdoors club so I can go hiking, skiing, and do more outdoorsy things.  This is hard to do on your own when living in the NYC area without a car. 

6.)    Think of a business plan that I can eventually start up on my own

7.)    Blog !

Happy New Years Everyone!


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