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January 7, 2010


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I forgot to share with you guys my oops shopping mistake this week.   Last night when I was making the Seoul-ful Chicken I realized that I bought boned skinless chicken thighs, when I really needed boneless skinless.  I have only even bought boneless skinless breast and whole chickens.  (*On a funny note, I have been trying to get over my fear of cooking whole chickens.  The first time I tried to cook one, I was so freaked out by the organs inside (which were not in a bag like some are).  I was screaming on top of my lungs the whole time, shaking the chicken upside-down over the sink, screaming louder each time an organ fell out.  My roommate ran into the kitchen thinking that I was getting murdered (I have a really high pitch scream) when really I was just shaking a chicken over the sink.  Let’s just say I have gotten a lot better with that.  I cooked a beer can chicken on vacation a month ago with minimal screaming and cringing.)  Okay back to the main story, I haven’t even bought chicken thighs before so I had no idea how to debone them.  I looked it up online and it actually pretty easy.  Buying boned chicken is a lot cheaper too so this can be a way to save money.  Here is the website I used:


 Good luck, and watch out for your fingers!


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