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March 22, 2010

If you give a mouse a muffin…

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I am not going to end that statement,  I am just going to tell you don’t do it… get rid of them ASAP!   After living in a crappy city apartment for two years my roommate and I have dealt with our fair share of mice, and have sadly become a bit immune to it.

I remember the first day I saw a mouse in my apartment.   I was in bed reading a magazine and in came the little bugger from under my doors.   B was away for the weekend and I being fearful of mice, screamed like I never screamed before.   I didn’t really know anyone in town so I called my dad (who was in Syracuse)  almost in tears about the mouse the ran under my bed.   I didn’t sleep a wink that night.  After that we had many run ins with said mouse,   we refer to him as Walter.  After almost stepping on Walter, who was  outside of the shower sleeping on our bath mat (We have pictures for proof), it became apparent we needed to fix this problem.   We keep our apartment clean and these mice weren’t getting into any of the food.  They just seemed to be running around the apartment.    Our landlords idea of dealing with the problem was to set up sticky traps around the apartment.  First off they don’t work, second off GROSS!  No way I was going to come home to find a squeaking mouse on a sticky pad.

My boss at the time recommended a trap called a Rat Zapper.  I set the trap up and within the next week I killed 7 mice!  The trap is basically a electrocution chamber where on one side you place the bate and the other side is where the mouse or rat (GAG) crawls in. (On a side note, the day I see a rat in my apartment is the day I am packing my bag and moving back to Syracuse..haha).  Once the mouse hits the metal pad (which is before the food) they get zapped… don’t tell PETA but zapped as in dead.   After this occurs a red light flashes to tell you that you have caught something.   The first couple weeks that I had this trap,  I would wake up and run to the trap to see if it was flashing.  It was like Christmas morning! You are probably thinking I am sick right about now,  but you deal with a mouse problem and tell me you act differently.  The first couple of weeks were the worst but after that we only get a couple every time the weather changes.  Can you tell why I am so excited to leave this apartment?


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